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John Kelly's Antarctic Blog pt2

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John Kelly's Daily Antarctic Blog (Part 2)

Bookend is offering school students the opportunity of an Antarctic or Southern Ocean Experience by responding to John Kelly's blog below.

Each day or so (communications permitting!), John will send through a short description of his experiences in Antarctica, from the logistics of working there to the artistic challenges of creating his art. These short updates may be brief, or they may be detailed, and they will be interspersed with longer blogs that John prepares for the broader media. His most recent comments are at the top.



THE STORY SO FAR (continued)...

25 December 2013: Merry Christmas all! As the last blog images, here is John's Wombat RSL studio retreat at Mawson - a place to work when weather wouldn't let him outside. Oh, and a very cute penguin. Aside from this, it's now over to you at home. The blogs have ended. Submit your artworks as per the competition rules & deadline, and WIN your own adventure!



24 December 2013: Dead Snow Petrel.



23 December 2013: Paintings, including unfinished studies of Mawson and the Plateau.


23dec_unfinished studies_mawsonandtheplateau

22 December 2013: Bechervais & Macey Islands.



21 December 2013: Fang Hut and Hill from Fang Hut. 

21dec_fanghut 21dec_hillfromfanghutb

21dec_hill from fanghut

20 December 2013: painting at Mawson Station.



19 December 2013: scenes - On the Ski Way; Waypoint on the Plateau; Quads Heading to the West Arm.

19dec_ontheskiway 19dec_waypointontheplateau_tr 19dec_quads headingtothewestarm

18 December 2013, part 2: Planes and transport - the Bassler DC3 and refuelling the Twin Otter.

18dec_planes 18dec_basslerdc3



18 December 2013, part 1: As John's Antarctic experience draws to a close, we're going to run back through his interpretations of what he's seen. And then, for students who want to win one of the prizes on offer, it's your turn! 


12 November to 17 December 2013: SEE THE PRIOR BLOGS HERE

Antarctic Photos by John Kelly and expedition colleagues.

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Home Antarctica John Kelly's Antarctic Blog pt 2