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An important part of the SIXTEEN LEGS program is the involvement of schools. Two major school programs were developed with adventure teacher and 2013 Tasmanian of the Year Andrew Hughes. The targetted High School component was Cave ART, while Cave Search was aimed at a much broader Primary School audience. Sample Cave Search participants can be seen in cave related poses below.

belleriveprimary deloraineprimary glenora

 lansdowne6 kingstonprimary lansdowne6b

Expedition Class is Bookend’s unique and award-winning interactive student interface for primary schools, where students follow Andrew in the wilderness by satellite link and ask him questions live online as he's working. At the direction of students, he has: kayaked 5,000km through rough seas and crocodile-infested waters to traverse the full north-south extent of the Australian continent; explored coastal and internal Papua New Guinea; undertaken a massive 15,000km self-powered trip around the Australian interior to look at biogeography; investigated threatened species management in Tasmania's wilderness, including remote camera sensing of Tasmanian Devils; circumnavigated Tasmania by foot and sea, undertaking beach cleanups with schools along the way; survived on a deserted island through only the sustainable harvest of existing natural foods; and explored the explosive world of volcanos. All of these adventures have teacher curriculum guides, student workbooks and interactive forums accessible online.

montagubay mtstuartprimary

princesstprimary rianaprimary smithton

For SIXTEEN LEGS, Expedition Class undertook the Cave Search project. Thousands of Tasmanian primary school students were visited across Tasmania, with more following online from across Australia and overseas, as Andrew worked with experts to search for new caves in the wild. Schools, teachers and students were provided with real-time expedition links, full teacher resources aligned to the Australian curriculum, interactive online student activities and quizzes, and an expert forum linking students directly with relevant scientists. Some classes joined Andrew in the field, while others visited the Enter the Cave Exhibition to reinforce what they had been learning.

search2 search4

search1 visit1 search3

The Mercury newspaper partnered with Bookend to print regular updates in the hard copy of the newspaper (reaching a weekday regional readership of 97,000 people) and to share a weekly blog online via the Mercury website (averaging 34,000 page impressions daily). In total, a direct daily reach of over a quarter of the Tasmanian population through this outlet alone!

Weekly summary blogs for the general public can be found here:

Preparation   Week1: SURFACE    Week 2: ENTRANCE   Week 3: TWILIGHT ZONE   Week 4: DEEP CAVE

Daily reports for schools and the associated lessons and teacher support tools can be seen here.

visit2 visit3

taroonaprimary sprentprimary ulverstoneprimary

NOTE: Updating online resources and platforms is a constant reality for Adventure Learning programs. As of the completion of the 2014 school year, our Expedition Class site has been undergoing a complete re-design and update. The new 2015 learning modules are now online and available for schools, but the archives of prior projects, including CAVE SEARCH, are currently offline until they are reformatted to fit the new page. This includes the downloadable teacher resources, forum archives and daily blogs. SAMPLES OF THIS MATERIAL CAN STILL BE SEEN HERE, but please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you need access to these archives.

ulverstoneprimaryb waimeaprimary warraneprimary2

warraneprimary1 waimeaprimary2






THE STORYTELLERS - Artworks and Descriptions (coming soon!)

EXPEDITION CLASS - check out the new look page and new projects for 2015!


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