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We're getting a facelift!

A major overhaul of the Bookend website is underway, with a new look to take us through the rest of 2010.

It's not online yet, but the test layout looks fantastic, and as the year progresses we will be adding more and more interactivity for schools and the public.

Watch this space!
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A year and a half in review...

This update marks a year and a half since the launch of the Bookend program by Andy Muirhead and Bryce Courtenay in Hobart in September 2008. Since that event, we've certainly been busy.

Sharks, Devils
and You
The Burning Season
Launch & Exhibition
Bridging the Gap
Coming up

The Bookend Launch

Launch photos
Our launch included the award of the first three Bookend scholarships (totalling $11,000 plus approximately $10,000 of project support) to Ninna Millikin, Jeff Donne and Karl Mathiesen.

All three were media and communication students charged with developing environmental career information for school students, with Jeff undertaking a project on Great White Sharks and Karl and Ninna working as a team on injured and orphaned wildlife.
Examiner clipping
Examiner clipping

"BookEnd is about trying to stop the full stops in the narrative of nature."
Bryce Courtenay, 8 September 2008 »

These projects yielded fantastic footage that was used by the scholarship students and other Bookend representatives to present to schools and community groups on the aims and intent of the program. Ninna in particular was prolific in the material she produced, including video press releases, mini radio documentaries (aired by the ABC), written pieces and a draft video promo for the Bookend program.

We built on these achievements by securing Ninna a 12 month placement with the Tasmanian Parks & Wildlife Service, documenting the Macquarie Island Pest Eradication Program - work being undertaken to protect one of Tasmania's World Heritage gems by removing intr
oduced rabbits and rodents at a scale never previously attempted anywhere in the world.

"Sharks, Devils and You"
Ninna filming
In early 2009, Bookend teamed with National Science Week, the Tasmanian Community Fund, and supporting experts to develop the 36 minute documentary Sharks, Devils and You - spearheaded by Ninna under mentoring by Gavin Baskerville.

This magazine-style documentary is primarily aimed at year 7-12 students but is also designed to be interesting and accessible to a broader audience.

Sharks, Devils and You focuses on five stories: the Tasmanian Devil and Devil Facial Tumour Disease, the Tasmanian Wedge Tailed Eagle, management of injured and orphaned wildlife, Great White Sharks (compiled from Jeff's work), and Macquarie Island.

NSWk1  NSWk2  NSWk_Mercury  NSWk_Examiner
The first cut of this documentary was released during 2009, and is available to schools and community groups as a teaching resource, with online materials to follow.

Since the development of
Sharks, Devils and You, Bookend has been involved with the development of similar educational materials for additional school and community education kits. There will be more detail on these projects in future updates.

"The Burning Season" Launch & Exhibition

In June 2009, Bookend hosted the Australian launch of The Burning Season documentary, a story about orang-utans and positive solutions to climate change, land clearing and pollution issues in Indonesia.

This documentary came to Tasmania directly from its launch at Robert De Niro's Tribeca Film Festival in New York, and was presented free (with optional gold coin donation) to Hobart audiences as a community service.

 The launch was hosted by Andy Muirhead at the Wrest Point Convention Centre and was attended by Cathy Henkel (Writer/Director/Producer), Trish Lake (Producer), Dorjee Sun (the key environmental entrepreneur in the film), guests including Terri Irwin and Associate Professor Kate Crowley, and had a special recorded welcome and introduction for Tasmania from narrator Hugh Jackman.

Over 500 people attended the event, which was followed by a highly constructive discussion on climate change and business solutions following the screening.


Prior to the above official launch, Bookend and Screen Tasmania were also able to arrange a special exclusive preview for local film-makers, who were able to talk with the director about the technical challenges and techniques involved in making this exceptional film.

TBS_or1 TBS_launch_Mercury TBS_or2 

Following this launch, Bookend hosted an exhibition of 47 orang-utan and behind-the-scenes images from the film in partnership with the Imaginarium Science Centre in Devonport (running December 2009 - April 2010). This exhibition was made possible with the help of the City of Sydney (who first displayed the images), and Andrew Knott, Paul Colegrave, and Andrew Doran (who provided their design, building and electrical skills to transfer the exhibition to Tasmania).

Once the exhibition closes in Devonport, it is intended to bring the images south for display in Hobart (venue and timing TBD). In addition, a featurette on Bookend (consisting of the promo seen at The Burning Season launch coupled with a short presentation on what we're doing) is contained on the upcoming DVD release of The Burning Season DVD (see special offer).

TBS_exhibn1 TBS_exhibn2 TBS_exhibn3
TBS_exhibn4 TBS_exhib5

"Bridging the Gap"
Also in 2009, Bookend was engaged to build Bridging the Gap, a ground-breaking new partnership between UTAS and Conservation Volunteers Australia, providing college students and school leavers an opportunity to 'taste test' the environmental careers that they might pursue at University prior to committing to a full degree, while potentially gaining partial accreditation towards a first-year unit or HECS relief if they decide to continue.

Bookend students will act as mentors within this program, as well as generating interest amongst school students at younger stages. Test presentations of our work and this concept have been included as part of the UTAS Science Experience program, which plays a significant role in boosting student interest in higher education.

Several sample
Bridging the Gap field units are under development. Expect to see more on this throughout 2010!

Chris Jordan visits Tasmanian students
Chris Jordan
  In November 2009, Bookend teamed with the Environment Protection Authority, the Tasmanian Climate Change Office, the Southern Waste Strategy Authority and Veolia Environmental Services to support a sustainability tour from internationally renowned sustainability artist Chris Jordan. This took place as Chris' latest video work on the death of albatross chicks due to plastic pollution at Midway was going viral around the world.

Chris Jordan - Kids 4 Kids Chris Jordan 2
The tour included free public/community lectures and school workshops, as well as being a central part of the AussiTAS Kids for Kids sustainable schools conference in both the north and south of the State. Chris was a superb speaker at these events, as will be seen in an upcoming short documentary on his Tasmanian visit.


Coming up
 New and interesting opportunities continue to develop.

In late 2009, Bookend joined with private donors to develop the Lynchpin scholarship, to boost interest in the crucial role of marine plankton and emerging threats such as ocean acidification. Students have already started to benefit from this ocean-specific program.

Bookend is also very pleased to announce that is the new host for Expedition Class, the superb interactive learning program developed by Andrew Hughes and winner of the 2009 Australian Geographic Society Spirit of Adventure Award.

More on these new initiatives and partnerships will follow!


Video/multi-media clips

The short version of the Bookend: Be Inspired promotional trailer. The longer version, with an outline of the Bookend program, can be seen on The Burning Season DVD.

What will YOU do? A reflection on Ninna's experiences with Bookend.

The Burning Season DVD offer



If you haven't already seen the DVD release announcement for The Burning Season, now is the time to act. It's late notice from us, but if you order online NOW (i.e. by March 10) you can still receive the pre-order offer of free postage, plus the distributor (Madman) will also donate $5 from each DVD to the orang-utan rehabilitation sanctuary that is featured in the film. The DVD will of course still be available for purchase once the pre-order offer has expired, and you still also get the great Bookend promo included as an extra on the disc!

And finally... help wanted!

We've been busy for the past year and a half, and ahead we're only going to get busier. None of this would have been possible without the help of supporters, donors and local businesses - in part listed here, but with more to be recognised in our new updated webpage.

Bookend is driven by professionals in a range of careers donating their time and effort to help inspire the next generation.
We're keen to hear from people interested in helping, so drop us a line - whatever your skills, interest and background.

Email: info@bookendtrust.com

Dr Niall Doran
Coordinator - Book
End Trust
PO Box 310, Sandy Bay, TAS 7006

Find us on Facebook - search for "Bookend" and look for our logo

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."BookEnd is about trying to stop the full stops in the narrative of nature."
Bryce Courtenay, 8 September 2008


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